Trading Benefits Terms & Conditions

The following Trading Benefits may be offered by the Company to Clients in order to assist them to understand and gain expertise on the use of the trading platform. The Client’s consent is required in order for any benefit to take effect. There are no withdrawal restrictions on any benefits awarded.

 1. Insured Trades

Insured Trades is a one-time benefit that will be awarded by the Company. The Company will refund to the client the
balance of the invested amount in “X” number of Insured Losing Trades from the
first “Y” Trades after deposit is made.

For Example: “Two In Ten Insured Trades”

X = 2


In such an offer the company will  refund two trades that have lost out of the first ten trades subject to the conditions below:

General Conditions

1.  Refund only applies in a situation where after completion of Y trades the Client has suffered trading losses;

2. Refund applies to the X losing trades with the lowest investment amount;

3. In the event that the total value of X lowest losing trades exceeds the total loss from Y trades, then the total loss shall be refunded;

2. Out of The Money


Out of the Money Compensation is a one-time benefit that will be awarded in the event of trading losses incurred on a Client account. The Company will refund to the client balance, percent of the trading loss incurred up to Y days following the initial deposit and acceptance of the offer up to a maximum of X percent of the initial deposit.

For Example: For example: “10% Compensation Over Ten Days”

X = 10%

Y=Ten Days

In such an offer, if after 10 days the client lost 500 Euro following a 1,000 Euro deposit then the Company will refund the Client balance with 50 Euro. This is 10% of the losses and is within the maximum limit of 10% of the initial deposit.

General Conditions

1. Refund only applies up to Y days from acceptance of the offer in a situation where the Client has suffered trading losses.

2. In the event that the total value of X multiplied by the total loss exceeds the total value of X multiplied by the initial deposit then the value of X multiplied by the initial deposit shall be refunded.




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